2016-2017 National Arts Contests  
Creative Futures Start Here.


 Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) is pleased to present the 2016-2017 national arts contests, sponsored by Sony Electronics.

Did you ever wonder what it takes to be an illustrator, music mogul, film maker, digital animator, graphic designer, painter or video game creator? Well here’s your chance to start developing the skills needed for these and many other exciting careers.

This year, members can compete in up to eighteen (18) different projects, based upon contest category. This allows your members to show where their creative passion lies by entering any or all of the categories:

  • Digital Arts: Graphic Design
  • Digital Arts: music making
  • Digital Arts: Film making
  • Digital Arts: Game Design
  • Image Makers: Culture and Tradition
  • Image Makers: Nature and Surroundings
  • Image Makers: Portraits
  • Image Makers: Editing and Filter (NEW)
  • Image Makers: Fashion and Style (NEW)
  • National Fine Arts: Monochromatic Drawing
  • National Fine Arts: Watercolor
  • National Fine Arts: Printmaking
  • National Fine Arts: Collage
  • National Fine Arts: Mulitcolored Drawing
  • National Fine Arts: Mixed Media
  • National Fine Arts: Pastels
  • National Fine Arts: Oil/Acrylic
  • National Fine Arts: Group Project


5 Simple Steps to Participate

Go to http://arts.bgca.net/register and complete online registration. You must provide a valid e-mail address for the person who will upload artwork for regional judging. Only registered Clubs can submit artwork to a regional contest. IMPORTANT NOTE: All Clubs participating in ImageMakers or National Fine Arts, MUST submit a photo of each entry to the arts.bgca.net/register website AND mail a physical copy to their Regional Host Site. All categories open for submission on November 30th and close on January 30th.

Step 2: Create Artwork
Clubs should conduct year-round arts programs that can include class instruction, demonstrations, field trips, guest artist and special events. Youth should dedicate time to plan and create their artwork to enter into any of the contests.

Step 3: Hold a Local Exhibit
Hold the local event once you have a collection of youth photographs from your organization. The local event can be designed however you want, (e.g., an evening event where you invite local community photographers, artist, graphic designers, etc. to serve as judges, an event in combination with another Club activity, etc.). Your local exhibit should focus on showcasing youth photographs to determine what projects to submit to the Regional Exhibit.

Step 4: Regional Judging
Once you determine the artwork from each category that represents your organization from the local exhibit, that artwork is then sent to your specific region’s Regional Host. Note: participation in all four categories is not required; however, you may only enter one piece per age group, per category from your organization. Following guidelines and dates provided on the timeline, upload artwork to the arts website, http://arts.bgca.net/register. Log-in credentials are created at the time of registration.

Step 5: National Judging
Regional winners are announced on www.bgca.net once they are chosen. Do not contact regional or national staff for results. Regional winners automatically advance to national competition; Club staff do not need to take any action. National winners are also announced on www.bgca.net and www.myclubmylife.com once chosen.


For more information email staff at arts@bgca.org.